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Strategies to support foreign language learning in large classes: a systematic literature review
Ulil Amri Nasiruddin  Sahril M. Hum
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.01
The type of this research is called systematic literature review which is a qualitative approach to literatures from several publishers. The study focuses on solutions in teaching foreign language in large classes in terms the number of students in the single classroom for a single teacher needs to deal with as their daily responsibility as a foreign language teacher in aligning with determining what kind of strategies foreign language teachers could use as general strategies for large sized classes. First, I identified the database. Second, I selected relevant publications available based on the keywords of this topic. In the third phase, I picked some proper articles by reading the titles and abstracts.  Fourth, I read each article to appraise and determine the focus of the study. In the final stage, I analyzed and combined the data based on the relevancy. The following databases used after consulting with librarians and topic professors: ERIC ProQuest, Proquest, Scopus, and Taylor and Francis Publishers. Nowadays, there is technology ready to deploy to help the teacher in their classrooms. Voice and audio players, internet, mobile devices, downloadable and customizable programs can be used to ease the teachers’ burden and also to assess students’ performance at the same time.  This program and gadget can also help the student get more engagement with the learning materials and their foreign language teachers.  However, foreign language teachers need to have skills to arouse students’ awareness to learn the foreign language. However, without students’ willingness to cooperate, there will be no classroom to conduct. Classroom democracy always works; where the students decide their goals and check their progress.

Key words: large classes, foreign language, systematic literature review

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