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Parental attitudes and approaches to biliteracy development and bilingualism
Muhammad Basri – Mark Garner – Mansur Akil
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.02
The research explores the parental attitudes and approaches on Indonesian families to support their children L1 and L2 literacy practices and bilingualism in Australian home context. It employs a longitudinal ethnographic approach utilizing home in-depth interview to collect data on the perception of the parents on biliteracy development and bilingualism and how they put into their home biliteracy and bilingualism practices; and the extent of the biliteracy approaches the parents apply in their home influence the responses of the children toward their biliteracy development and bilingualism. Research results demonstrate that more inspired and complex the parents were in the way to support the development of biliteracy and bilingualism at the Australian Indonesian families, and opening up a space for engaging and learning biliteracy and bilingualism, better the instantaneous results of the biliteracy and bilingualism outcomes of the children were.

Key words: parental perception, literacy development, multilingualism

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