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Ontological essence of gifted person leadership
[Онтологическая сущность лидерской одарённости]
Alexey N. Ilyin – Elvira A. Ivanova – Elena A. Kaptelinina – Vasil N. Farrahov

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.05

The significance of the problem discussed in the paper has been attributed by contradictions between the ontological essence of a gifted person leadership abilities considered to be an integral part of every society and leadership style effectiveness in the community that suggests reconsideration of individuals’ relationships in different spheres of modern life. It also depends on how ontological functions of interpersonal communication are understood, i.e., interprets person’s initiative and creativity as a crucial factor in social development. The purpose of the article is to explore the ontological essence of leadership talent, or giftedness, define the role of leaders and their impact on cultural and social life; distinguish qualities that represent leadership character, explain and understand its nature. The researchers used systemic and historical approach and comparative typological analysis to investigate the problem. Alongside with that, the authors employed general scientific methods of obtaining knowledge: analysis and synthesis, the logical and historical in their unity, and ascent from the abstract to the concrete. The article proposes a definition of leadership talent, or giftedness, with due regard for its natural, spiritual and psychosocial causes. The concept of leadership giftedness has been introduced and justified as a combination of natural, social and spiritual capabilities of a person that allows him to influence other people, have ascendancy over them and manage their activities in achieving common and individual goals. The paper analyzes fundamental ontological principles of leadership qualities in different historical periods, in a given place and time; the essence of leadership giftedness as a unique manifestation of freedom and necessity in the life of an individual; ontological understanding of leadership skills, traits and qualities in the history of philosophy.

Key words: leadership, giftedness, ontological essence, skills, qualities

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