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Philosophical aspect of understanding addictive behavior determinants
Natalia M. Chepurnova – Valery V. Grebennikov – Yuliia V. SukhostavskaTeymur E. Zulfugarzade – Stanislav I. Buslaev
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.06

The present situation in Russia is characterized by the fact that the number of young people particular susceptible to developing addictions like alcoholism and drug addiction is continuously growing, and this cannot but adversely affect their socialization, the way they learn and follow the norms and beliefs of society, and increases the risk of further development of this tendency in the country. The purpose of this study was to examine and elucidate the addictive behavior determinants from the standpoint of social philosophy and social psychology. The major approach to explore the problem is a systemic-activity based approach that allowed us to consider determination problem and causality of addictive behavior on the basis of people’s involvement into certain types of activities that contribute to the formation of addictive behavior. The paper discusses the main challenges that human civilization faces, changes in the industrial and information age, as well as the challenges that people face in the rapidly changing conditions and forms of their own lives and activities. all negative factors that cause dissatisfaction and collapse of person’s identity like loss of values once considered positive and conventional, spiritual and emotional crisis, lack of clear prospects and confidence in the future, growing individualism, selfishness and hedonism, contribute into creating a fertile ground for addictive behavior spread. Addictive behavior is understood as a specific kind of activity, the social importance of which is negative and destructive, but  it is of special significance for the people involved in it. 

Key words: addictive behavior, theoretical and philosophical analysis, personal determinants, social determinants, young people

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