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Teaching English language to young school-age children while making projects, playing games and using robotics
Vera A. Rozhina Tatiana A. Baklashova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.10
The aim of the article is to identify the most effective methods of teaching English to young schoolchildren and the possibilities of using robotics in primary school. Today, robotics classes are the most popular direction in the field of additional education, they are mainly related to the development of engineering thinking, mastering the basics of design and programming and career guidance. The use of robots as a means of teaching English to 6-10 year old children in the Russian secondary school hasn’t been studied well enough. It is characterized by the novelty of the subject of discussion, the lack of scientifically based programs and teaching materials, the shortage of teachers who are able to implement in practice wide possibilities of educational robotics for experimental verification of our hypothesis. The article presents the main methods which help to develop the highest communicative skills of young schoolchildren, problems in teaching English language to children and ways of their solution. The authors of the article offer to use robotics, project and playing activity of schoolchildren at English lessons and in extracurricular activity as a means of teaching English in elementary school. The article is of practical value for English teachers who work with 6-10 year old children.

Key words: English language teaching, young school-age schoolchildren, project activity, educational robotics

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