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Philosophical and socio-psychological meaning of the concept of psycho violence in learning environment
Alfiya R. Masalimova – Badma V. Sangadzhiev – Rozalina V. Shagieva – Ramin A. Gurbanov – Sergey P. Zhdanov
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.12
Currently one of the hot topics that have become a challenge for profound philosophical and socio-psychological investigation is a is psycho violence threat to learning environment safety and psychological safety, as its major component. The article concentrates on revealing the factors of psycho violence in the learning environment from the points of view of social philosophy and social psychology. Methodological framework of the studies is based on philosophical principles of dialectic synthesis, the transformation of quantity into quality, the unity and conflict of opposites, the principles of contradiction and determinism, and social psychology activity-system approach. These principles allowed the authors to consider the level of ‘psycho violence’ development and identify the main approaches and determinants of its dissemination in education and learning environment. The paper discusses the definition of the term ‘psycho violence’, as well as presents theoretically justified factors influencing a propensity for psycho- violence which involve direct and indirect verbal aggression, indirect physical aggression, low communicative tolerance, the tendency to dominate and manipulate, selfishness, craving power over other people, a negative attitude towards others, disregard for the community norms and regulations, rigidity, anxiety, and extraversion. All of them are considered as objectives when developing the work to prevent psycho- violence. Hence, the materials of the article are of practical value for specialists engaged in designing psychological and educational programs aimed at prevention of psycho- violence in the learning environment.

Key words: psycho-violence, learning environment, philosophical treatment, socio-psychological understanding, personality traits

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