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Stylistic means of influence in the contemporary Chinese sports media advertising
Marina R. Zheltukhina – Anna V. Ukrainskaya – Elena B. Ponomarenko – Nelly Yu. Fanyan – Elena V. Talybina
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.14
The article determines the urgency of the subject under study, the degree of its development. The theoretical grounds of the study define the value orientation to an addressee as a basic component of the discourse of the Chinese sports media advertising which results in an effective impact on the consumer. Basic methods for influence on an addressee are identified, and the following stylistic expressive means are defined: anaphora, epiphora, epithet, metaphor, personification, and anadiplosis. The verbalization of the Chinese sports media discourse in tropes and its subsequent effect on an addressee is established as a hypothesis for the study; research materials and methods are represented. Stylistic tropes are determined on the basis of advertising texts in Chinese printed sports magazines, on mobile sites and companies’ pages in social media. Advertisements of sports clothes, footwear and gyms are used as samples of media texts. The procedure for studying the discourse of the Chinese sports media advertising covers a stylistic analysis of the advertising media text components; the frequency of use of stylistic devices as means of influence on an addressee is determined; the quantification of trope usage is made; an analysis of their semantic component is provided. The analysis of findings of the study represents a detailed review of stylistic devices in the presented media messages; a componential analysis of speech samples and grammatical structures is given; the significance of usage of tropes is clarified. The aggregate quantification of the usage of tropes is made with subsequent presentation of the results obtained in the form of a diagram. In conclusion, general, specific aspects of the usage of stylistic devices are identified; the general purpose of their usage and the degree of effect on the consumer in advertising media messages is determined.

Key words: stylistic tropes, Chinese media advertising, media message, media discourse, media effect, influence, addresser, addressee

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