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Pedagogical opportunities of student communicative culture development
Larisa L. Alekseeva – Elena A. Sorokoumova – Liudmila N. Vakhrusheva – Aleksandr V. Litvinov – Natalia V. Popovitskaya –Olesya G. Filipenkova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01.17
The article relevance is determined by the need to search for forms and means for a communication culture development among students. Its purpose is to develop and approbate a model for student communicative culture development. In the paper the concept "communicative culture" is clarified, the possibilities of the socio-cultural and educational environment are shown; the main characteristics and properties of communicative culture are presented (universality, standard in the social norms transfer, the "feedback" effect) in the paper. The specifics of the communication culture are considered, the content of the various levels (elementary, ideal, etc.) is disclosed; criteria for assessing the dynamics of communicative culture development (stability, creativity, etc.) are defined. 

Key words: communicative culture, educational resources, pedagogical communication, effective interaction, the art potential, artistic and creative activity

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