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Roma perspectives on their language problems in the context of language ideologies

Milan Samko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.04.13

This paper is part of research focusing on society-wide language problems of the Roma community in the context of language ideologies of the Roma in the Slovak Republic. The purpose of the paper is to identify current language problems from the perspective of the Roma community and to open space for discussion in the process of managing their language problems. The research question is as follows: What do the Roma people consider a language problem in terms of the scale and reach of the Romani language network, and what solutions do they propose. To obtain empirical material, we used a qualitative methodology tool, specifically a semi-structured interview conducted in the Romani language. At the same time, the paper further clarifies the language problems of the Roma community and contributes to a wider understanding of the Roma strategies in addressing these problems. The aim is to present and characterize language problems from the Roma perspective, to propose measures addressing the problems, and to contribute to their solution.

Key words: Romani language, language problem, language ideology, Romani language perspectives

Pages: 179-189

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