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Refugees’ L2 learning: new perspectives on language motivation research

Monica Ortiz Cobo – Roman Kralik – Rosella Bianco

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.04.05

This study analyses the factors that influence the second language learning motivation of refugees in Italy. To do so, we have conducted an ethnography by making interviews and questionnaires to adult refugee students of the Italian language. The analysis of the data highlights that the peculiar migration experience of this type of students results in specific language learning motivation factors. Starting by the existing paradigm, we discuss the refugee second language (L2) learning motivation as composed by the following dimensions: Ideal L2 Self, Ought-to L2 Self, Social Distance, Learning Experience, Self-confidence, and Anxiety and Multilingual Self.

Key words: motivation, language learning, L2MSS, refugees, second language

Pages: 64-80

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