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Learning foreign languages with communicative and action approach and CEFR standards (Digital Technology Supported)

Lendita Gjikolli – Valbona Gashi-Berisha

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.02.03

According to European standards, the promotion of learning more than one foreign language implies a comprehensive reform of language policies with new standards, objectives, new approaches to language activities and accessible digital teaching/learning platforms.
Throughout history, learning a foreign language has experienced changes in its evolution from traditional into a more attractive, creative and effective communicative approach-method. Relying on the idea that learners participate in interactive-communicative activities, focused on ʺAlter egoʺ method in real communication, using their strategies for language acquisition. The purpose of this research is to describe, identify the learning strategies and objectives by targeting language performance in the European context. It is important to stress that the communicative approach gives opportunities to train foreign learners to communicate freely; it expands the scope of their expectations with the range of appropriate activities. It requires reassessing all techniques in terms of a wider conception of learning.
This research is composed of four parts, where the first part focuses on theories of learning languages from a communicative approach to the "learning task" in teaching/learning strategies and objectives based on CEFR. The second part develops the methodology used in this research. The third part focuses on discussions of the interactional perspective, the accomplishment of the language activities and the operations of the research field and the fourth part analyses results derived from activities with a communicative and action approach.
Therefore, in this research, we will explore and analyze the use of the new strategies, objectives, competencies, parameters and communicative approaches from the “communicative approach” to the “communicative-action approach” with the aim of accomplishing the tasks encountered by the learners during the difficult situations in the different areas of the social life, that requires accomplishments of language activities and operations.

Key words: learning/teaching, competence, communicative approaches, strategies, CEFR

Pages: 33-45

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